For the first time, there is now a federal law in Germany, which uniformly regulates, nationwide, on which legal basis prostitutes and enterprises may work from now on. For prostitutes, regular health consultations and a registration is required.

Step 1: The health consultation

This consultation must be scheduled once per year (twice per year for prostitutes under 21 years old). A certificate will be issued after completion. A consultation must be scheduled, which can lead to waiting times, especially when an interpreter has to be booked.

Step 2: The registration certificate

A valid official identification like passport, passport equivalent and registration card, insofar as the address is not shown in the ID card, must be provided. A German delivery address must be provided. Two photos must be provided (so-called biometric photographs). Of course, a certificate of the health consultation must be provided as well (it may not be older than 3 months).

The prostitute passport must be renewed every 2 years (yearly for under 21-year olds). Only during after the first application you have to extend only after 3 years. The certificate is usually issued immediately, but can also be mailed.